Growing children need to eat. At our facility we believe it is important to give children organic, locally grown product to keep them healthy and happy. Most of our goods come from local farms that don’t use pesticides so that we can promote a healthy and nutritious menu.

Here are some of the benefits to organic food;

·      Food is fresher – Organic food does not contain any additives that prolong its shelf life.

·      It is GMO free – Organic food is not genetically modified to be resistant.

·      Hormone free – Animals that are labeled organic have not been given steroids or hormones and have been given more liveable space to move around in.

Why use local farms instead of bringing in more food from outside sources? We like to keep our community close. Buying from local farmers helps to promote our economy and ensures we know where our food is coming from. This also helps assist us in maintaining the freshness of the food we provide. This means not only is our menu the healthiest it can be, but also the tastiest; as food sourced locally is harvested in season so the food is at its ripest.