Mission Campus



Junior Toddlers 19m - 22m | Senior Toddlers 23m - 36m

Toddlers at our Mission Campus get to benefit from the best of Maria Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and the Play-based learning approaches.

Montessori Approach

As part of our Montessori Toddler program, we encourage individual work with built-in controls of error, leaving the child free to work without the need for constant dependency on a teacher. The teachers observe while carefully recording the work and progress of the child to understand the changing learning needs of the child to plan subsequent lessons and materials accordingly.

Reggio Emilia Approach

In accordance with the Reggio Emilia philosophy, Sunvalley Kids Montessori focused on collaborative small-group work where learning is supported by others. We see children as being competent, resourceful, and independent individuals who are capable of constructing their own meaning within a social context and environment, all the while documenting both their academic and social progress. Sunvalley provides language-rich environments, childproofing, food safety practices, a well-kept maintained play space with complete sets of toys to encourage self-learning and confidence in young minds.

Play-based Approach

Children are naturally drawn to play-based activities and our program is custom-built to accommodate play as a context for learning, so they may explore, experiment, discover and solve problems in playful ways while learning relevant skills that enhance their academic and developmental learning outcomes. Our teachers support this learning process by bringing the child’s awareness towards science, language, and mathematics concepts by planning fun and engaging activities that incorporate relevant learning goals.



3 Years - 4.5 Years

Montessori Preschool

Children in this age group respond to the Montessori approach very happily. It has been seen to inspires creativity and be more effective in developing certain skills like basic math and science.

Our Montessori regime for this age group focuses on teaching children the importance of establishing routines which in turn aids in their transition to Kindergarten. While working at their pwn pace children become independent and self-motivated and start showing interest in taking care of themselves and their environment.

Reggio Emilia Preschool

Our Reggio Emilia preschool approach serves as a base for Kindergarten. Children are introduced to team-work and independent problem solving which in turn gives children a sense of responsibility and instills self-confidence. This highly effective teaching method has created many little researchers and scientific thinkers amongst our preschool classrooms. Once children are given the freedom to choose their learning style explore their interests, the learning outcomes become astonishing.

Play-based Preschool

The play-based preschool sessions at Sunvalley kids Montessori foster Imaginative Creativity. The desire to play comes naturally to children this young. Using their desire to play to develop children’s curiosity is the best way to make creative problem-solvers out of preschoolers. Children encounter various problems during play and solve them by using their vivid imaginations. This approach isn’t only enjoyable for children but also yields flexible brain enrichment, improving the potential for learning in later life.



4.5 Years - 6 Years

Montessori Kindergarten

Our Montessori Kindergarten program builds on our Montessori regime and embraces open-minded diversity. After Children have gained a desire to question the world around them during preschool this program encourages them to think creatively and apply out-of-the-box reasoning to real-life situations. By questioning the world around them children are able to find numerous possible outcomes. At many occasions, our Montessori children have shared ideas that adults are yet to discover.

Reggio Emilia Kindergarten

The Reggio Emilia approach in our  Kindergarten program transitions from a base builder to a constantly evolving learning process. As children grow older, they become co-learners with their teachers and recognized as active participants in constructing their own knowledge by gaining substantial control over the direction that their learning takes. This direction is derived by their core interests and natural curiosity which now addresses more complex concepts like addition, word building, science, geography and etc.

Play-based Kindergarten

Engaging in active play for this age group develops social & emotional skills while polishing language skills along the way. The program focuses on language development and pre-literacy skills through pretend play and healthy conversations with teachers and peers. The context of play also allows us to incorporate complex concepts and new ideas into the curriculum mix. By teaching children in a playful manner, we have seen that learning outcomes are amplified when lesson plans are enjoyable and are kept relevant to the children’s interests.

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