First and foremost we would like to give our sincere thanks to all the parents and families for their continuous support and immense confidence in Sunvalley. Together we are getting back to “new normal” and providing the quality education to meet the needs of  children at the campus. We ensure that we are following the AHS protocols for maintaining proper sanitation and safety measures.

As Sunvalley family is growing, there has been an addition to Sunvalley staff too. Ms. Elaa, an Alberta certified teacher has joined Kindergarten at Mission,  Ms. Abby is a second year student at UFC doing her degree in Education, has joined Mission campus too. Tina will be joining back part time in Jr.Toddler room at Mission  campus. Ms. Rubab, who is holding Montessori Diploma with  10 + years of teaching experience in Preschool, will be joining in Preschool with Ms. Minjoo. Ms. Aman who is holding Early Learning and Child Care Diploma, will be joining Ms. Anu in Preschool at Acadia Campus. Edden has joined back Acadia campus and will be working in toddler room with Ms. Lani.

August was the month of learning and retraining. We focused on the overall development of children by adequately incorporating all the effective Montessori tools and activities. Keeping this pandemic situation in mind, we educated kids about the epidemic itself, emphasizing the importance and process of social distancing and sanitizing their hands. Other practical activities included necessary life skills like spoon transferring, hand-picking and sorting, which undoubtedly helps in enhancing their concentration, hand-eye coordination and grip. Art and craft were intentionally exposed to develop  creativity and expression of  children. They created a face shield highlighting the importance of face coverings amidst these challenging times. The introduction of literary skills like letter and number recognition helped tremendously in their inclusive development.

As exciting and zestful this month was, we are teary-eyed as this month is the last month for our graduating kindergarten class. We will dearly miss them and fervently wish them luck for their new and exciting academic journey ahead!

As we are gearing up for the next school year, we are accepting new registrations at our center. For more details, visit

Stay warm and safe everyone.

NOTE: The daycare will remain closed on 7th September 2020 on account of Labour Day.