Cold & Flu Season Prevention – How to help stop the spread of germs

With cold and flu season in full swing it’s important to keep your child healthy and their immune system strong. There are various ways to help your child avoid getting sick from proper cleaning techniques to eating habits. Teaching your child these habits early on will help them as they grow up.

The biggest way to stop a child from getting sick is to teach yours how to stop the spread of germs. This includes;

·      Proper handwashing technique

·      How to sneeze & cough

·      Not sharing cups and utensils

Proper handwashing technique – soaping up your hands for the full alphabet with warm soapy water

Sneezing and coughing – instruct your child to sneeze or cough into their elbow to help stop the transfer of germs via hands or to ensure that they are sneezing into a tissue.

Not sharing cups – while we want our children to develop proper sharing habits we don’t want this to be with cups and utensils. Teaching your child that only they should be using their cup and eating utensils is important to stop the transfer of germs.

The second way to stop the spread of germs is to encourage healthy habits. Feeding your child healthy and well balanced meals will help to keep their immune systems running at their best. As well as ensuring your child is getting appropriate amounts of sleep and exercise. When we sleep less our immune systems weaken. Develop and fun bed time routine with your child to get them off to bed at an appropriate time so they get enough sleep. Practicing these things can help you and your child to remain healthy during cold and flu season this year.